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After having received a ticket for no insurance, no license, and no registration... Presented myself to court with no luck having them all dismissed without an insane over $300 fine and 6 months probation... Even though I purchased insurance that same day a little after my ticket had been issued, had my driver license, and renewed my registration ticket. Decided to hire an attorney, Cynthia Owens very well recommended and she successfully had them all dismissed without no insane fee and no probation :)  - Alejandra C.  7/18/2019

She is great she understands what's going on 6 the legal system and she helps you out as much as she can she is reasonable and affordable please consider her !! - Taquilla E.  1/31/2019

Cynthia Owens is a highly effective, results driven, "act now" attorney balanced with wisdom as to how to utilize the extensive knowledge, experience, network and other legal assets she brings to any legal matter. I have personally seen these traits exercised by Ms. Owens over more than 20 years and have personally benefited from them as her client.  She is one of a very few attorneys or other professionals that I have total trust and confidence in. I strongly recommend her. - Jim E.  6/29/2018

I am truly blessed with Ms. Owens! She got my husbands case dismissed. I love that she works so fast and she is always available for you or any questions you may have also, she will call you as fast as possible! We will definitely keep working with her. Any criminal case she is the one to go to! - Daniella E. 05/07/2019

​Hands down Cynthia Owens is the best lawyer you can get. She moved mountains to assist with the concerns I had. Large majority of items dismissed and items that weren’t were small and didn’t go on my record with minimal court cost. Top professional. - Terence C. 02/04/2019

​Great attorney helps me everytime very educated knows her stuff very nice and her staff is very helpful. - Enedelia S. 12/17/2018

Great Service! Very good attorney.. was guided through the whole process of my case and communicating was great between us! My case was also successfully dismissed. Thank you Mrs. Owens for your help! - Selma S. 12/03/2018

Great lawyer, very experienced and been working with her for at least 3 years now and was able to dismiss my case/tickets. - Hunter 08/02/2018